March 15, 2014

N O V E L T Y/ Min Kim

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure to digitally meet Min Kim(25) during a little FaceTime chat. After seeing her wonderful work I tracked her down like a Facebook-stalker for a little interview. It was lovely to talk with the super kind and enthusiastic Min about her creative process, her home country Korea vs. living in London, playing dress up and individuality.

Ivania/ Please do tell me more about the story behind the collection

Min/ I like to tell personal stories with my collections. I am very interested in the small things, inspiration always comes from my own experiences; like memories of dressing up with my sister. These small things become bigger, wider and more serious as I research them. There are a lot of references to stories and episodes between women on a very personal level.

My inspiration for the graduation collection came from the 'PFD phase' (Pink Frilled Dress Phase), which most girls go through. I wanted to make an issue about this situation. In my research you'll also find images of girls dressing up in big circular dresses which create unexpected silhouettes.

Ivania/ Your research is really touching, as I have a little kid and get to deal with the 'prescriptions' society has for the genders; pink for girls, blue for boys for example. It can be interpreted as quite a feminist statement you make, would you call yourself a feminist?

Min/ Exactly, there are so many color choices, society should give more space to them so they can make their own choices. I never thought about it that way. I have never deliberately wanted to make a very feminist statement with this collection.

Ivania/ What are your future plans?

Min/First I'd like to gain some experience within a team of designers and to further develop my skills. I'd love to stay in Europe.

Ivania /There are a lot of interesting fashion projects coming from Korea though, wouldn't you want to go back?

Min/Trends in Korea are on a masse scale, most people dress to impress other people. I'd like to design for women who dress for their individual self.

Ivania /We’ve only seen this one collection from you, what would you call your signature elements, or which elements can be expected to come back in your future work?

Min/ The references to episodes, stories and relationships between women. And working with silhouettes that are a bit distorted like for example the circular shapes.
images courtesy of Min Kim< br /> photographs by Heewon Kim


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate these kinds of entrys. You really have a talent at bringing garment to life by asking the designer just the right questions. Thank you for some interesting reading and a great blog. Love from Stockholm.

V. said...

Interesting read! Min is such a talent, and it's nice to hear some of her thoughts for the desigs. You asked all the right questions.

clarice said...

love this amazing coat ...

MarieAntoinette said...

amazing coat! :)

Milex said...

Absolutely stunning


Thank you dear Anonymous Swede for letting me know! Your comment just made my day because I really enjoy making these kinds of posts <3

spetsflickan said...

Wow! Stunning clothes!

Becky P said...

Oh my god this is pure perfection! Even though I am a fan of mix and match, clean cuts and minimalism are my fave xx

Lydia Bishop said...

Really awesome your using your own platform to bring to light amazing new designers!

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Nathan Moy said...

Glad you got to meet her, at least digitally Ivania! <3 I can see you sporting her pieces, I mean that goes without saying. The coat with the displaced shoulder sleeve intrigues me as a pattern maker, so does the fit on those grey trousers, very unique! #WANT

xx The Provoker

Olga said...

Great collection, so clean and architectural! I want those cozy gray pants! :) You did a great interview and I can totally relate to the "pink" brainwashing the modern society imposes on every girl (I have a 7 y.o. daughter and I'm already seriously sick of it). I think in USA it's worse than anywhere! I just really hope my daughter will figure it all out when she's older. I'm trying to lead by example. :)

Marieke S said...

Amazing coat !

Dominique Candido said...

the coat is stunning!

new post up,

Sarah Iracheni said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures, wow! Such gorgeous designs and interesting reading as well. Love the story behind the collection!

Tabet said...

Wow, beautiful! :)

Tabet said...

Wow, beautiful! :)

Amely Rose said...

The collecion is amazing, straight but so complex.
My favorite item is the coat (first Picture) it's so unique and lovely and eyecatchy, yet it's calssy and elegant and in the same time Young fresh and has something 'rock'n'roll' like on a high-fashion-Level.

thanks for showing us this collection and great designer <3

ChamaFashion said...

Really beautiful collection!

Portal to Fashion said...

Love the simplistic and futuristoc collection!!


Loonia Ali said...

Ohhhh wos this work it's spectacular!!! Awesome design abd form! love it!

dahi. said...

very spectacular avantgardistic fashion pieces - i especially adore the grey coat

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e said...

so unique and cool, love when you do these types of posts, really cool designer, like her philosophy too! also checked her site and really cool photos/drawings.

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ShowroomRomeo said...

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